Exploring the region: things to see and do

The Red Sea boasts some of the most spectacular diving sites in the world. An extraordinary range of activities and adventures awaits you in the tourist resorts along the western coast. Here you will find El
Gouna – a diver’s paradise, with 30 well-known sites that include coral reefs and famous wrecks such as the Thistlegorm. The amazing variety of sealife offers you opportunities to admire gardens of coral, swim in the company of giant gorgonians, butterfly fish, turtles, ponderous Napoleon fish and many other gaudy sea creatures… One desert, but so many things to do The great desert expanses along the shores of the Red Sea are anything but dull. From tourist resorts such as Hurghada, Makadi Bay and Soma Bay you can travel out on day trips or half-day excursions. Make an on-the-spot decision – choose a camel trek, or a crosscountry adventure on quad bike. Opt for highspeed thrills on a sand yacht, or a safari in a 4x4. Or visit a Bedouin encampment and finish your adventure by tucking into a sumptuous banquet beneath the stars, after watching another magnificent desert sunset unfold. Monasteries in the desert
Just 55 km from the Suez Canal, Ain Sukhna is the ideal point of departure for exploring the Western Desert and viewing its historic monasteries. While not so well known as St  Catherine’s monastery on the Sinai Peninsula, they remain fascinating places to visit, with an impressive historical heritage. St. Anthony’s monastery is thought to be the oldest in the world, and yet monks still live, work and pray there. Not far from St. Paul’s monastery you will have plenty of opportunities to admire the many subtle shades of pink that colour the gorgeous mountain landscapes. 

Tour of the islands

Travel on a voyage of discovery around the islands of the Red Sea; watch the setting sun melt into the waves as you enjoy a delicious meal of freshly grilled fish. Embark at Hurghada for a journey to Giftun, an archipelago that has been turned into a magnificent National Park. Your captain will drop you off on
an isolated beach so you can sunbathe, swim, or indulge in some free diving. Add a romantic touch to your escapade by renting a sailing boat, in which you can explore the beautiful creeks that abound along the shoreline 


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