Art Village and the Caricature Museum

A 4-wheel drive would help maneuver the unpaved narrow lanes to Fayoum’s International Art Center tucked away in the hillside village of Tunis on Lake Qarun. It is an attraction place for artists from the region, Europe and as far away as Canada. As breathtaking as the natural scenery is, what draws them to Fayoum is the center’s founder, Egyptian artist Mohamed Abla. Visitors are welcome, though preferably on the weekends when they won’t interrupt any of the resident artists at work. The only entrance fees Abla asks for, is a book or a magazine to contribute to the center’s library besides LE10 to enter the Caricature Museum. The Museum was developed to house some of the works created by exceptional artists and to honor their pivotal (at times overlooked) role in relaying the emotional, social and political condition of Egypt. It is, in a way, a sanctuary for these works so that may always exist and remain in our memories and not be discarded like the newspaper or magazine they were printed in. Take the road leading to Lake Qaroun, then right after Shakshouk and before Wadi Al Rayan entrance 


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