Christian Redl and “Egypt- where it all begins”

Christian Redl, ambassador of the Egyptian diving product in Germany, creates awareness for the fascinating diving locations of Egypt through unconventional performances. Breathless and totally cool: Austrian-born Redl, now 7-times world record holder in free diving under ice, sets all records straight. He is listed in the Guinness Book of Records and has global media coverage for world record projects. On February 6th at 12.42 pm, the visionary extreme diver set his world record in 100 meters dynamic free diving under ice in 1.12 minutes, after months of intensive preparation. With only one breath, he dove in the icy water underneath the massively frozen surface of Lake Weissensee in Carinthia, Austria. Hundreds of fans and international press watched on-site this very special moment of making free diving history in water temperatures of 2 degrees Celsius  With a 10-minute mental meditation phase and supported by his psychological coach, the living free diving legend Christian Redl pushed his concentration level for his defined target into a new dimension. Five security divers were under water securing this dangerous stunt, whose biggest threat lies in the danger of a blackout. Further diving doctors and emergency staff were on-call at the world record location. Redl’s new sponsoring partner, sun destination Egypt, set a strong contrast with branding the whole Lake Weissensee world record location. “The feeling I get after a new free diving record cannot be described,” said Christian Redl. “The world needs heroes, I want to be one of them. I am proud to get support in my sportive creativity from Egypt. Egypt, for me, is the best diving destination in the world. Since thousands of years, Egypt tells great stories and I feel honoured that Egypt tells my own story today.” “Egypt – where it all begins“ is the new slogan of the country’s advertising campaign that deals with Egypt being the muse for civilizations, cultures, great people .great stories, as such suitable for the extreme sport free diving. Egypt branded Christian Redl’s diving suit and the location Lake Weissensee with beach flags and with a spectacular 100-meter banner covering the whole world record distance, showing new branding images of the campaign to the public and the media.  


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