Egypt - Diving Destination of the Year in UK

Egypt has once again cemented its title as a diver’s paradise, with three first prize wins at the prestigious annual Diver Awards – organized by “DIVER” the UK’s best selling diving magazine that outsells all itscompetitors combined. The magazine also has an international following and reputation for integrity.
The awards’ expensively produced bronze statuettes are highly coveted in the diving realm. The first of Egypt’s three top wins is ‘Destination of the Year’. The popularity of the Red Sea with British divers is evident as this is Egypt’s 6th first place win from 2004 to 2010 except for only 2007 where it came in 2nd place. “We are delighted by the vote of confidence”, said Khaled Ramy, Director of the Egyptian State Tourist Office in the UK, “We have the closest coral reef to the UK. We are committed to sustainable development and to the protection of our great underwaters.” The first three slots for the best Dive Center of the Year were all awarded to centers on the Red Sea as history repeats itself with the magazine stating that ‘The results for this category are becoming almost predictable.’ The Red Sea Diving College in Sharm El Sheikh came in first followed by Ocean College, Sharm El Sheikh and finally Camel Dive. The Final award for ‘Liveaboard of the Year’ went out to another Red Sea former winner, Blue Horizon. Egypt has been become synonymous with the go-to diving destination for UK residents because of its convenient proximity, good value for money, hospitality and most importantly , the high quality of its diving in terms of both wrecks and reefs.


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