Exploring the region: things to see and do around Siwa Oasis

Egypt is 94% desert, and Siwa Oasis is the most famous and the most northerly haven of peace in the country’s vast Western Desert. This paradise on earth is some 30 km long by 20 km wide, and lies in the midst of two magnificent lagoons. The oasis sports some spectacular ruins, but the must-see is the temple of Zeus-Ammon, a remote sanctuary and former oracle that in ancient times was regularly visited by poor and powerful alike, including Alexander the Great. The Great Sand Sea This awe-inspiring desert is alive with legends and myths, stretching over Egypt from Siwa
Oasis to Dakhla Oasis. The living spectacle of the great sand dunes undulating to the horizon will hold you spell-bound, as you listen to the soft, unceasing song of the constantly shifting
sands. It is said that some of the fabulous dunes of Abu Muharek stretch for more than 140 km. Embark on an unforgettable adventure across this mineral immensity, where the cool
freshness of the oases mingles with the warm welcome of the local inhabitants…

The White Desert
The White Desert’s extreme aridity and astonishing limestone sculptures have turned it into one of the most extraordinary landscapes on the planet. Centuries of erosion give the desert a truly lunar allure. You will travel through forests of limestone mushrooms, endless series of wave-shaped sand dunes, spectacular mosaics of conical rock sculpted by the wind – a geological wonderland that turns the desert into a vision of transcendence. The limestone changes colour as the sun rises and sets – from blushing pink at sunup to incandescent white at noon, from delicate mauve at sunset to mysterious gold beneath the full moon. 

Bahariya Oasis
In Arabic, El-Waha el-Bahariya means “northern oasis”, although the oasis is now also nicknamed the Valley of the Golden Mummies following recent archaeological discoveries. The many freshwater springs turn the oasis into a peaceful green island floating in the midst of a sea of sand. The sun glints from the black volcanic rock that forms a dramatic escarpment atop the encircling hills. You can also visit Bawiti, largest village in the oasis, join an expedition into the remarkable Black Desert, or enjoy a night-time bath in one
of Bahariya’s many hot springs. 


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