Sand Boarding an ever growing activity

well as whole blocks of salt. It used to have gates that close by night to protect the Siwan community, but unfortunately, a devastating rain in 1926 left Old Shali in such a bad state that most of its residents left for a fresh start. Today, it looks like a huge mountain entirely covered with ruins. When the lights are turned on at night, it gives a spectacular effect to the place. Free of charge, no opening hours.


The latest hit in town, or the oasis for that matter, is sandboarding.The adrenaline pumping sport is hitting it big here.Head to Bir Wahed if you are new to the sport, but if you are an experience sandboarder, then Shiatah is the placeyou should be gliding.

If attractions like hopping and sandboarding are too much for your vacation, there are always the springs. Siwa is literally dotted with natural springs, like Cleopatra’s and Abu Shruf, that make up for an ideal midday plunge or a late night dip in the hot ones.


For the small oasis of Siwa, there is no lacking in accommodation options that serves all tastes. For a true sense of what eco-lodges are, there is no better choice than


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