‘WATER WALK” January 29th, 2010

Darb 1718 Gallery, Kasr El Sham’e  St. Al Fakhareen, Old Cairo. The exhibition ENDGAME – BLUE GOLD
(from the series of exhibitions Maritime Chronicles) is based on an endless exchange of representations and information that reflects -on a planetary scale.Seas and oceans enable us to develop relations on a worldwide scale and to open lands:consider the Mediterranean with Africa, the Middle East with Suez Canal and its seas, the North and South American Continents, Poles with the Arctic and Antarctic regions. On the one hand, the world is uniting, while on the
other, its gaps are widening. Modifying the geopolitical fabric of the world, these gaps end up cutting off whole bodies that enjoy geographical continuity and cultural cohesion.This tectonic process between civilizations was set off by the Mediterranean serving as
an interface and a world in itself According to the United Nations, more than one billion people on earth already lack access to fresh drinking water. If current trends persist, by 2025 the demand for freshwater is expected to rise to more than half above the amount that is currently available. Each artist has taken into account today’s social climate, drawing comparisons between various cultures and regions. The objective of ENDGAME – BLUE GOLD attempts to bring together the numerous thoughts of today’s “world citizens” and identify their differences and similarities Participating Artists: Stella Capes - UK, Raphaël Cuomo - Switzerland, Maria Ioro
-Italy, Christina Hemauer -Switzerland, Roman  Keller- Switzerland, Sylvia Henrich - Germany, Tomas Ochoa - Ecuador, Andriana Meyer - Switzerland, Anne Rochat - Switzerland,
Anna Sherbany - UK, John Palmesino -UK/ Switzerland, Ann Sofi Rönnskog - Finland


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