Adventurous day trips

Day trips away from the sea can take adventurous types out into the desert, where it is possible to travel by four-wheel drive or to ride your own quad bike out into the landscape, taking in spectacular vistas of sand, rocks, oases and mountains, before visiting a Bedouin village and riding in the Egyptian desert on a camel, sure to become a lifelong memory and a tale to tell when you return home. The visit culminates with guests enjoying a barbecue dinner whilst being entertained by traditional Bedouin music, before setting off back by quad bike or jeep to Safaga. These tours can be half day or full day trips.

It is also possible to explore unexpected historical treasures from the time of the Roman Empire (like the Mons Claudianus an old Roman granite fortress complex lying just 40km from Safaga), or even take a trip to the south and Luxor, with its incredible ancient temples and other historic sites. In all hotels in Safaga, you will find watersport and diving centres hiring snorkelling equipment, and organising guided and non-guided snorkelling trips to the best places in the area. They also cater well for children, with professional guides teaching youngsters how to use a snorkel, mask and fins, which will teach them the skills needed for an experience they will always remember.


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