Al-Muizz El-Din Allah Street

This street is named after the Fatimid Caliph who conquered Cairo in 969 AD and it was once the main route of this period where people used to enter the road from Bab Zuweila in the south and exit through Bab El Futuh in the north. Recently renovated and becoming a pedestrian street, it is a delight to walk through, day or night, and one of the most historical, representing Cairo’s largest open air museum of Islamic and medieval monuments where there are many monuments on the street to view besides Islamic edifices found along its neighbouring alleys, including several important mosques and Sabils. Not to miss on that street is the Textile Museum that displays 250 textile pieces and 15 carpets dating from the late Pharaonic era through Coptic and Islamic eras, including clothes from various times in the Islamic era.


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