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As you would expect from a top resort destination, Nuweiba offers a wealth of activity for visitors to enjoy, whatever their age.
From Nuweiba, excursions can be easily arranged to places of interest in the area. A camel trek or jeep safari to the unspoiled
protected area of Ras Abu Gallum, where the only permanent residents are the Bedouin, and no hotels, shops, or
restaurants have been built, making it feel like a journey back through time to simpler days. It is from this area
that traditional Bedouin fishermen, the only people allowed to fish in this area, supply Nuweiba restaurants withfreshly-caught local fish and seafood. Probably one of the most popular excursions form Nuweiba it to St Catherine’s monastery, which often includes side trips to Nawamis with its early Bronze Age burial chambers. Other stops include the Stone of Inscriptions, with its ancient writings from many different civilizations from many eras. Other excursions include camel trips, some of three or five days to take in some of the wonders of the desert. However, the same tours can usually be arranged for one day by jeep for those who would prefer to sleep in the comfort of their hotel each night. The Coloured Canyon and Oasis Ain Hudra (biblical Hazeroth) treks take you to palm gardens and great landscape while the oasis of Ain Um Ahmad is the most beautiful and biggest oasis in South Sinai. Bedouins there grow fruits such as oranges, almonds, peaches, figs and dates, and also cultivate the land, farming corn, wheat and vegetables. Divers will find that the central locationof Nuweiba means that they can enjoy dives in a variety of sites, each with their own uniqueness and variety of coral and marine life. Whatever your experience level with diving, there will be a site ideal for you, with many able to accommodate everyone from beginners to experts simply because of the natural variety of the area. 


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