Fanoos Ramadan or Ramadan Lantern

One of the visible sites of the month, that is distinctly an Egyptian tradition, are the colourful lanterns found displayed in many shops. As the month approaches, people buy the lantern to decorate their homes and children expect to get one to play and sing Ramadan songs with, while swinging their glowing lanterns. The lantern is often
made from recycled tin cans and most recently there are displayed plastic lanterns that play the latest popular music. Many stories of its origin have been told. One of the popularpopular
stories has it that a Fatimid Caliph wanted to light the
streets of Cairo during Ramadan nights, so he ordered all
the sheikhs of mosques to hang Fawanees that could be
illuminated by candles. As a result, the Fanoos became a
custom that has never been abandoned.To see a large display of “Fanoos Ramadan” and where it is originally made, you should go towards the 11th century city gate of Bab Zuweillah in the vicinity of the Islamic Museum and next to the Tentmaker’s Bazaar. Part of Ahmad Maher Street where the tinsmiths and marble cutters have
their shops, is transformed into the Street of Lanterns during
the month.


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