Fawanees Ramadan Festival

In light of “Egypt’s Spirit in Ramadan” the Egyptian Tourist Authority, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, has announced the launch of “Fawanees Ramadan Festival 2010 “ and a series of festivities starting Ramadan of this year for four consecutive years. The slogan “Egypt’s Spirit in Ramadan” in Arabic conveys two meanings; it is both an invitation to tourists to come and spend Ramadan in Egypt, and that Ramadan is an incompatible experience in Egypt. “Mahragan Fawanees Ramadan 2010” will aim to promote Arab tourism to Egypt especially to visitors from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Libya and the United Arab Emirates. The festival’s message will convey the spirit of Ramadan with all of its celebrations comprised in its food and drink traditions, religious songs, folklore shows and other Egyptian customs taking place during this holy month in both Egypt and several Arab countries. On the eve of Ramadan, a parade of feluccas decorated with Ramadan themes will sail from the Grand Hyatt Hotel up to Kasr El Nil Bridge. At the same time, fireworks kicking off the start of the festival will take place, accompanied by a folkloric show on board of a floating theatre on the Nile River and followed by a Ramadan-themed event at Citadel . On the other hand, festivity events will be held every Thursday during the holy month in Cairo , the festivities will also be visible in Alexandria & Port Ghalib where a public festival will be held on the second day of the Bairam Feast. Also, a Ramadan tent will be arranged in Kuwait, Tunisia and Turky during the second week of the holy month to portray the identity of Ramadan. During that time, customary Egyptian food and drinks, offered during the month will be introduced, as well as folkloric shows such as the Tannoura dance, religious and Sufi songs and other customary celebrations.
Visitors to Egypt will feel the spirit of the festivities when they board Egypt Air’s planes (the official carrier for the festival) where special Ramadan decorations will be branded all-over; and as soon as they land at Cairo International Airport. The festival will also be evident in the main streets and squares of Cairo, as well as Alexandria - officially dubbed as the Capital of Arab Tourism for .Over and above, several institutes are also effortlessly working on making the festival successful to evoke the spirit of Ramadan to the Arab Family especially the governorates of Cairo, Giza and Alexandria and the Ministry of Culture which will be organizing several cultural events. Egypt Air will also offer several benefits to Egypt Air Plus Members, as well as an extra 500 of air mileage on travels during the month of Ramadan. The Tourism sector will also participate in the festival, where major hotels in Cairo, Alexandria & the Red Sea will offer special promotional packages to the Arab family during Ramadan and the Bairam feast & will also hold special events in the Ramadan tents during the holy month. On the other hand, travel agencies will also cooperate by offering promotional packages for visitors from the Arab countries during the festival that will be held in Kuwait & Tunisia. This is in addition to a huge campaign in the Egyptian and Arab media that will include advertisements and editorials, televised ads on the Egyptian and Arabic channels, website promotions, as well as featuring “Celebrities’ Recipe in Ramadan” in several mainstream Arabic magazines. Last but not least, media trips to Egypt will be organized to familiarize Arab media representatives with the festival


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