Fishawy Cafe,Al Hussein in Azhar,Ramadan on the Nile,Darb al-Ahmar (Red Road)

Fishawy Cafe
Visitors should take advantage of being in the Azhar area during Ramadan and experience this famous two-century old café. Waiters balancing trays of minted tea and the clanging of glasses that is part of the fun, while sitting and watching passersby at a traditional Egyptian café.

Al Hussein in Azhar
That may be an experience on its own, walking through the area with the shops open all night, watching people enjoying life after breaking the fast and experiencing the taste of feteer (Egyptian pancakes) at the Pancake shop served with sugar and honey or with several cheeses.

Darb al-Ahmar (Red Road). This area of Islamic Cairo was built up in the late Mamluk era and this is one of the finest examples of the era’s architecture. Though plain on the outside, inside is wonderful stained glass windows, inlaid marble floors and stucco walls. Ramadan on the Nile Many of the open air cafes are a fun place to spend the evening where there is light enter-tainment and snacks with a spectacular view. Among those would be Kholkhal and Rotana Cafes in front of the Cairo Marriott Hotel, The Blue Nile Boat, Seqouia in Zamalek, Sangria in Maspeero, Le Pacha Boat in Zamalek and Saraya. Besides, some of the major hotels have their Ramadanthemed cafes directly on the Nile, as well as tents where
tradtional food and drinks and entertainment are offered.


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