It’s an easy trip, only a few hours flight from Europe, and is a genuine year-round destination with guaranteed sunshine. The area has stunning scenery and is a region which is perfectly suited to exploring, relaxation, and activities on, and under, the water.

Sinai Peninsula consists of an area of some 61,000 square kilometres. The natural barriers are the Gulf of Suez to the west, separating the African continent from Asia, and the Gulf of Aqaba to the east. The north east boundary, a 200 km stretch of Mediterranean coastline. Isolated and protected by the surrounding
majestic mountains, the monastery of St. Catherine is a major attraction for tourists visiting the area.

Egypt’s Red Sea coast runs from the Gulf of Suez in the north to the Sudanese border in the south. It is, effectively, the east coast of mainland Egypt looking across the sea to Sinai.

The crags and dry limestone valleys of the Eastern Desert remain relatively unexplored, but the Red Sea itself, dotted with coral reefs, has a rich maritime history which stretches back to the times of the Pharaohs.

In the Red Sea and Sinai areas, sun seekers love the gentle refreshing breezes which are welcome in a hot summer. Take a look at the map of the Red Sea and Sinai region of Egypt and you will see how the water laps around its shores over many hundreds of miles. Above all, the Red Sea is a dream destination which suits so many travellers, whether  they are seeking relaxation, exploration, or an ideal family break.


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