If a team of holiday experts was asked to design a perfect holiday destination, it would probably be just like Sinai region.

It has everything – a superb climate, stunning views, friendly people, and excellent value for money.

You can add to that the historical and cultural qualities of the region which mean that it is held in high esteem by the major religions of the world. It is a huge area, stretching from Sharm el-Sheikh in the south to El Arish at its northern tip on the Mediterranean. Sinai has a fabulous diversity in landscapes and activities for the visitor to enjoy. In a comparatively short distance, it’s possible to see a huge range from beautiful coastline to stunning desert and mountain landscapes. The wildlife is abundant too – from warm sea teeming with brightly-coloured fish to the animals who make their homes in the interior. There’s an amazing choice in activities too – as well as diving of course, you can try, quad biking, horse and camel riding, and windsurfing, to name a few. Whatever kind of accommodation you are seeking, you will find it in Sinai – from simple budget accommodation to luxurious 5 star hotels, with everything in between. As you’ll see in the following pages, Sinai Region has something for everyone, whatever you are seeking on your visit. Whether it’s the vibrant night-life of Sharm el-Sheikh or the peace and tranquillity of the desert (or a bit of both!), there’s the very best here for you. For many people, it’s the diving in this area which first springs to mind – and for good reason. Many experts will tell you that it’s simply the best in the world – but also an ideal place to learn as a beginner too. Many of the experiences you can discover here will stay with you long after your return home. The dullest day in everyday routine will be brightened by memories of quad biking in the canyons, coming face to face with beautiful fish, or seeing some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets this world has to offer. 


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