in Na’ama Bay

The nightlife in Na’ama Bay is rightly famous, and is mainly located in the busy shopping and market area. There’s a great mix of traditional and modern – proper traditional coffee shops and stalls sit happily by newcomers like Starbucks, Hard Rock Café, and McDonalds. There’s a big choice for the clubbers, and Sharm won serious credibility in their eyes with the arrival of the famous Pacha venue. Don’t feel as though being over 20 stops you from being a clubber though! The morning after your big night out may well see you waking up over a leisurely breakfast before heading off to some real enjoyment in the fresh air of Sinai. Take the chance to see the country the natural way on the back of a horse – or a camel. This is much more than a tourist photo opportunity – skilled and knowledgeable trek leaders will lead you into beautiful places which seem a thousand miles (and years) away from the bustling hotels and nightlife. If motorized transport is more to your liking, you can bounce along dry valleys in a 4x4 or take the controls of a quad bike (see the Taba section for more on that). One very popular trip is a Jeep Safari to the Coloured Canyon. Whether it’s for the naked eye, or your still or video camera, there are some beautiful sights and colours here. You’ll travel through unforgettable desert scenery and steep-sided valleys of granite and sandstone. Time, wind, sun and geological shift have produced some quite surreal colours and patterns which leave quite an impression.It may look lifeless, but you’ll come across unexpected water springs, plant life you’ve probably never seen before – and, in the stillness, one of the animal residents might pop out to see you. If you’d like to get a longer taste of life in the desert, you’ll be able to fix a trip to take dinner the Bedouin way – or even stay overnight to really enjoy the peace. Even the overnight stays have a range of choices! You can do it the simple way in a genuine Bedouin tent – or sleep literally under the stars which you’ll see in all their glory without the competition of city lights. If luxury is your thing, you can enjoy the experience in effectively a 5 star tent! 


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