Key Places in Ras Mohammed

Diving is of course a big attraction to Ras Mohammed, not least because of the unique nature of this peninsula. For those keen to concentrate on exploring the underwater world, dive cruises are ideal, and will take you to the best spots in Ras Mohammed and the surrounding area.

The principal Ras Mohammed dives are Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef, two twin coral reefs extending for hundreds of metres below the water’s surface. These are advanced dive sites, and recommended for experienced divers, who will be rewarded for the challenge with a simply amazing range of discoveries. Shark Reef, as the name suggests, is home to hammerheads, grey tipped and white tipped sharks, and many other open sea fish, including barracudas and huge tuna. There are also areas densely populated with anemones, along with the clownfish who dwell amongst them. Yolanda Reef was named after the shipwreck of freighter The Yolanda, part of which is still divable to this day. Scattered containers from the vessel have deposited interesting diving discoveries.


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