Nuweiba is a resort on the coast of South Sinai, around 180 km north of Sharm el-Sheikh. It boasts an ideal central location and natural beauty both underwater and on dry land.

Nuweiba is surrounded by National Parks, other popular destinations to visit, and a  seemingly endless list of natural and historical places of interest. Not only that, but every day can be as energetic or relaxing as you desire, and no two days need be the same, or indeed even similar, such is the range of activity and sights here. 

If you are seeking a destination where the ultimate in hotel luxury can be easily combined with local charm, culture and character, Nuweiba should certainly be high on your list. Tarabin, to the north of Nuweiba, consists of a thick grove of palms, a shallow bay and the ruins of a Turkish fort. The well inside these ruins has served as a fresh water source for the Bedouin people who live here for many centuries. Tarabin has a wonderful and exciting atmosphere, with restaurants and bazaars clustered together for a lively and

colourful, Bedouin flavoured, experience. 

Restaurants here are furnished in Bedouin style, with carpets and cushions giving comfort and authenticity.

The Town area lies between Tarabin and The Dunes, and visitors can expect to find a bustling centre, complete with traditional bakeries serving warm pitta bread, bazaars and restaurants. The Dunes connect Nuweiba Town and Nuweiba Port. Along the shore, many camps and family owned hotels sit by the beautiful
sandy beaches with their spectacular coral reefs. The Dunes are further divided in Duna, where beach bungalows and smaller hotels and restaurants make the perfect romantic getaway, and Small Duna, where many of the larger hotels have been built. Nuweiba Port, also known as Nuweiba Muzeina, was originally the summer location for the Bedouin Muzeina tribe, until the construction of the port in 1985 attracted business and workers from all over the country. This boom encouraged the Muzeina clan to settle here, and today they are still the landlords to many shops and other businesses.


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