Port Ghalib

Port Ghalib, the finest new resort

Close to Marsa Alam International Airport, and so very easily reachable straight from the plane, is Port Ghalib, a beautiful port with its own legend, and now a thriving marina and tourist town. Port Ghalib is located five minutes from Marsa Alam International Airport and 2.5 hours, by road, from the Valley of the Kings. It unfurls along one of the finest marina and sweeps on the Red Sea 

Today, there are no ghost ships to be seen, but the area has grown into a luxurious marina and tourist resort, with excellent hotels by the beach serving as a haven for sunseekers and diving enthusiasts, spa and wellness lovers as well as those who would like to explore the wonders of Egypt. The marina itself is the nucleus of Port Ghalib. A modern and fully serviced port of entry into Egypt, the marina can accommodate up to a thousand large yachts. Acting as both a fully-functional marina and a leisure and tourism destination, there will always be plenty of activity in Port Ghalib, and in the crystal waters around its shores.

The Port Ghalib tourist resort stretches along some 3.8 km of beachy shoreline, and has a lively town centre, with busy promenades with shops, boutiques, restaurants, bistros, and cafes.The Corniche Peninsula looks out over the marina, and is a half mile stretch of high class shops, restaurants, bars and cafes, along with recognizable chain brands, behind which is a traditional Egyptian bazaar called The Khan, where visitors will enjoy haggling with sellers for semi-precious gems, ceramics and perfumes, all part of the Egyptian bazaar’s traditional character and charm. 


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