Ramadan program at Makan Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 9pm

“Nass Makan”
(People from Makan) Every Tuesday at 9:00 pm The latest project of ECCA Makan, Nass Makan (« The people of Makan ») brings together the greatest musicians of Egypt and Sudan on stage in a new sound. Famous custodians of the legacy of musical tradition, such as Zar performers Om Sameh and Om Hassan join
Sudanese Singer Asia, singer Sayed Imam and Sayed Rekabi together with many unique instrumentalists. Gypsy Music from the Delta joins hands with Zar songs and Sudanese music styles, traditional instruments join contemporary ones. In the thoughtful and exhilarating arrangements, each singer and each music style is presented on a platform that respects the diverse musical tradition and brings out its in a new way.Zikr & Sufi songs Every Tuesday at 9 pm The inshad is a melodic vocal performance set in religious
contexts, most notably in the context of the hadra of Sufi brotherhoods. Dhikr or “remembrance” (of Allah) refers to rhythmic chanting of the names of Allah. Zikr and Inshad can be finding in the context of public celebrations, such as saints’ festivals (the mulid), the Prophet’s birthday and celebrations of rites of passage, such as memorials, circumcisions and, in Upper Egypt , weddings. These draw a wide range of participants, both men and women, and comprise a mix of adherents of particular Sufi brotherhoods, as well as a more general public coming for the ecstatic emotional and spiritual experience. 


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