Ras Abu Soma

Ras Abu Soma is located off Soma Bay, close to Safaga. There is a large lagoon here, and this site is easily accessible from the shore, where in recent years a 300 metre jetty has been built. Giant moray eels frequent the area, as well as cuttlefish, clown fish and octopuses. This spot offers varying degrees of adventure, with a long, sandy slope before the wall drops away into the depths. As you head to the north the sandy slope becomes thinner, until it eventually joins the main reef wall. Shortly before this is a small cave or overhang which goes a short distance into the coral reef. Heading back to the south you can finish your dive over the sand plateau where blue spotted rays and even the occasional eagle ray may pay you a visit. With ever-present clown-fish in their anemones and all the colourful marine life this site has to offer, this is a very pleasant dive suitable for all levels of diver. With diving like this, trips to the desert, and a relaxed atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the larger resorts, Safaga makes an ideal getaway for busy people who would like to experience some fun and adventure whilst slowly winding down from the stresses of everyday life.


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