Ras Sudr, a major international beach resort

Ras Sidr is a destination on the Gulf of Suez coast, popular with Cairo residents, but rapidly growing into a major international beach resort. The area extends some 95km along Sinai Coast.The area is divided into North Ras Sidr, with its tourist centres at Ras Masalla, South Oyoun Moussa and Ras Dehaisah, and South Ras Sidr, including Ras Matarma, an-Nakhila and Ras Mal’ab. Ras Sidr as a resort began life as a quiet coastal town, known locally for windsurfing. Today, new year-round tourist facilities, as well as shopping and private villa developments, have been added. Most of the newer tourist development is in the South Ras Sidr area. One can still windsurf, or now kitesurf, but also enjoy a wealth of other activities associated with beach holidays, as well as taking in the flavour of Egypt through visits to nearby attractions. This unique area enjoys a number of varied natural assets not found in other regions, with areas of desert, mountains (including Pharaoh, at-Teeh and Om-Kathira), valleys with beautiful plant life, and untouched beaches. It is also well known for therapeutic natural springs, including the Springs of Moses. The area is particularly rich in desert plants and herbs, and it is also the habitat of many rare fish. Ras Sidr makes an excellent base for exploring, with attractions such as the 800-year-old Qalat El Guindi fortress.


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