Uncrowded dive sites

While Egypt has become a popular destination for divers eager to experience the magic of the Red Sea at first hand, the spectacular dive sites of Marsa Alam still remain relatively uncrowded, allowing holiday makers to discover the area’s ship wrecks, coral walls and underwater gardens in peace.

Marsa Alam’s top diving spots are popular for their unspoilt beauty. Elphinstone, situated 6.5 nautical miles from the Marsa Alam coast, is teeming with life including sea turtles and reef fish, as well as larger pelagics. With a shallow northern plateau for snorkeling, and a far deeper southern plateau, this area is suitable for sea users of all skill levels, from snorkelers to experienced divers.

Shaab Samadai, or Dolphin House, a curved reef off of the southern Marsa Alam coast, is so named because of a the pod of 60 or so spinner dolphins who are often seen here. In addition to the dolphins, this shallow, turquoise lagoon is also populated by schools of reef fish including leopard groupers, lionfish and masked butterfly fish.

Adventurous undersea explorers will love the idea of diving to the underwater caves and pinnacles to the south. Fury Shoal is a diverse coral garden which makes a wondrous diving location. A network
of hard coral formations make up a complex reef inhabited by a variety of pelagic fish and dolphins, and even contains the wrecks of a tugboat and a sailing ship for your exploration. On dry land, Marsa Alam is the home of an increasing number of luxurious hotels, from three to five star.


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