Where to go in ramadan

Al Azhar is full of small shops where you will find all kinds of handicrafts from copper, tin, pottery, a whole carpet market, the tent makers, where you will find interesting designs to take back home, silver and gold jewellery and many other treasures, besides a visit to the Mosque Madreassa of Al Ghouri and mausoleum, both worth a visit, and the Al Azhar Mosque which is the world’s oldest university. Wekalet El Ghouri is a complex from the Mamluk era of Egypt that has now been turned into an entertainment place and where visitors can watch local folklore art and concerts in the evenings. This year visitors will enjoy watching
the Tannoura show three times a week, as well as a music concert with traditional instruments.
In this area you will also enjoy browsing through the 14th Century Khan El Khalili Bazaar, the oldest and largest covered bazaar now existing. There you can find souvenir shops selling anything from papyrus paper, customized gold and silver cartouches, inlaid boxes and many other items to take home. During Ramadan, the bazaar is open to almost the early hours of the morning. 
There are many ancient sites to visit, some are open during the day only and others such as mosques open in the evenings also. Cairo has some of the most architecturally interesting mosques including Abbasid, Fatimid, Ayyubid Mamluk and Ottoman styles, mostly concentrated in Medieval Islamic Cairo.


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