Around Siwa - Walk , Sail , Surf and Dive the Great Sand Sea

Though a fair amount of car powered dune bashing goes on at Siwa it is far more in keeping with its tranquil atmosphere and ecological leanings to take natural powered transport. Your basic motor will be
your feet with camel back up. For a break there will be wind assistance for sand sailing and gravitational
pull for sand boarding. 

Bir Wahed

Bir Wahed is a mini oasis and hot spring some 12km south of Siwa at  the start of the dunes of the Great Sand Sea. Bir Wahed was drilled by man in search of oil- but the result is more marvelous- especially in thesetting of high dunes and hills that surround the small lake.

Sand Boarding

Here at Bir Wahed you can also try your hand at sand boarding. But the bigger dunes are further southbut all within a reasonable distance of Siwa. You can bring your own snowboard- which does work- especially on the really steep dunes, and the Siwans have all the right waxes to make boards really fly. They also have custom boards that are the fastest of all.


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