Desert thrills

The desert is also legitimately a place for thrill seekers- as long as they know the risks. Dirt bike riders whoop with joy at the prospect of burning around a giant bowl of sand or up and over small dunes.
Accidents happen when you fail to see some small change in the desert surface- a hole or sudden end to the dune. Sand boarding increases in popularity year by year.

Though not as fast as snow boarding, with the right wax you can shoot down some of the massive dunes in the Great Sand Sea and have thrills to spare. There is no ski-lift to get you back to the top again and its either a walk that will get you fit quicker than almost anything else, or hitching a ride in a 4x4 running in a cycle from
top to bottom. Though riding a mountain bike may sound crazy in the desert, the latest generation of ‘flat tyre’ mountain bikes make it possible. These bikes, developed at first for riding on snow, are now being used for making desert journeys around the world. But even a normal mountain bike can be ridden on much of the desert- as long as you avoid dunes and do not mind pushing from time to time. Of course you are limited by having to carry water, but as I mentioned with walking- if you ride even a few kilometers alone or in a
small group into the desert it will feel like a great journey.


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