The Desert tours

The desert beckons- but where and how will you go? I took a long time getting used to the idea that actually
I could go anywhere in the desert. It is like the sea- no one owns it and nothing stops you roaming
in any direction. Nothing stops you except the need for water and fuel of some kind.

I think it is best to think of the desert as a place where you walk. Certainly you can only experience
its wonders when you are up close and personal with the sand and the rock. Driving and camel riding may
get you to where you want to be but it will be your own legs that always complete both the outer and inner
journey of a desert of quest. That said, the choice of transport depends on how deep you want to
go into the desert and how much time you have.

The tours listed below are a tiny fraction of what is possible.There purpose is to get you thinking. You can then start talking with guides and safari operators from a strong position of knowledge.At the very least you will have an accurate picture of what is possible, the sheer width of range of possible
desert journeys.


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