Do’s & Don’ts

The country has been welcoming guests for thousands of years, and making visitors feel welcome comes naturally. You will find that Egyptian love of family life means that children are treated like VIPs.
Egypt is a very safe country and you will see many people in uniform (like tourist police and security staff) who are there to help and give you peace of mind.


Do stock up on sun cream and moisturiser, Wear sunglasses and a hat.– it’s particularly important to be protected between 11 am and 2 pm when the sun is hottest.

Do keep your passport with you whenever you are away from accommodation place.

Do take care of Underwater treasures, it is human heritage and worthy to preserve.

Do have a good idea of where you are going and keep a map or guide book at

Do respect local customs – there are dress rules when visiting mosques and Churches,
so be aware.

Do visit the local Tourist Information Office to get the most from your visit.

Do check opening times for places to visit – they can vary during Ramadan & national

Don’t forget to take your camera.Otherwise you‘ll miss enjoyable memories with your loved ones.

Don’t go for desert excursions without experienced guide & good driver.

Don’t take anything from the National Parks, and don’t leave anything behind you.

Don’t miss courses for golf & diving for you & your children.Enjoy your time in Egypt and let the calm, the kindness and respect for people be part of your life too – and you are welcome to take that home with you


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