Wadi Ghazala, Sinai Alternatives

One of the beauties of a holiday in Egypt is that it’s possible to enjoy a huge variety of experience within one great country. As well as your stay in the Red Sea and Sinai region, you can spend time in very contrasting areas like the Nile Valley, the Deserts and Oases region. In both areas, you can be sure of stunning scenery and a real feeling that history is all around you.

Egypt’s excellent internal transport means that getting around is easy, whether you intend to add a full week to your Red Sea stay, or simply head off to a different region for a day or two from your main holiday base. Many tour operators offer excellent packages, and you have the choice of booking a package before you leave home or simply choose an attractive option courtesy of your hotel or local operator at your resort. The choice is vast, but let’s take a look at some ideas.


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