Welcome to the The desert

 is one of the mysterious places on earth where normal rules about living are suspended and even absent. More like the sea than any comparable landmass the desert stretches away to the horizon blinking as if it is its opposite- a giant lake- but of course this is just a mirage. To visit the desert is to plunge into a place of

Monastic and spiritual folk have traveled to the desert since the beginning of history to get away from distractions of life to find a communion between man and the natural world in all its awe, wonder and vastness.

Some of those ancient monasteries are still inhabited in the Egyptian desert still far from ‘civilization’.

The desert is above all a clean placethere are, once you leave the oases, no mosquitoes and no flies, and the ground is as clean as antiseptic- when a Bedouin cuts his foot he will rub sand in the wound to hasten healing as sand in the deep desert is
as clean and bacteria free as things get. The sheer variety of the Egyptian Sahara is staggering. It is the most varied desert on the planet. Unlike the endless gravel plains of Libya, the Egyptian desert landscape can change abruptly from steep lines of seif dune to rocky canyons to vertiginous escarpments to plains dotted with strange conical hills to sand sheets that seem to stretch for ever only to end in a confusion of star dunes after a distance The variety is endless which is why walking is always fascinating in the 


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