Do’s & Don’ts in oasis

Do take care of the environment and make sure you leave the campsite as you find it.

Don’t take away anything that damages or reduces the landscape in anyway.

Do feel free to tell drivers and tour guides to take away rubbish rather than burn it.

Do take two or more vehicles. When making a long trip into the desertwhich means any trip where you will be more than 25km from a road it is advised that you take two vehicles.

Don’t bother with forcing three vehicles on a trip when you only have two. For a trip to the Gilf Kebir the old advice was to take three vehicles, but this was in the days of less reliable cars. Two will suffice as long as they are not overloaded.

Do check out the guide. When hiring a guide with vehicles see how he loads the car- does he store fuel next to food? Is the vehicle itself dirty and in need of attention? Are the tyres worn and inappropriate?

Thankfully poor guides are rare. The desert is recognized by all as a serious place to have a breakdownand almost all guides go well prepared. 

Do ask to see the camels first on a camel journey. Do they look reasonably healthy? Do they have humps or are they skinny and emaciated? For a long trip you want a healthy camel. Next ask to mount a camel (if it is your intention to ever ride- many camel travelers never ride- they simply walk alongside their beasts)
and see if the guide holds down the neck until you have mounted properly.

Most accidents with camels when mounting or dismounting when the camel suddenly bucks and throws its load- you- off. If a guide is attentive at these moments he knows.

Do plan on drinking between 1 and 3 litres of water a day in winter in addition to any tea, coffee or soup.

Do drink in long bursts when you are cool- early morning and early evening and lunch being best.

Don’t wear trainers for walking – the sand will get inside the lining and make the show too tight. They also let too much sand in going down dunes. Sandals and boots are better.


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