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The best way to the see the desert is on foot. Now you can either walk unaccompanied all the way or you can drive to a nice part of the desert and then walk, or you can walk alongside a camel carrying all your victuals and supplies. The choice is yours. Many take the car option- and in Egypt there are numerous guides and guiding companies who will set up everything you need for a good desert trip. If you stipulate you want to walk at least two hours a day, or one, they will be happy to oblige. Usually you start walking in the morning as they pack up the camp and then you can also get dropped off some way from camp at night and walk along the tracks they leave. Any guide who won’t allow you to walk and enjoy the utter freedom of the desert is not worth going with.

All guides will carry sandplates for getting out of soft sand, a jack, spare tyre if not two, and a few key spares such as fan belt and perhaps waterpump. Many now have sat phonesthough this is not really as great a help as it may seem. Sat phones don’t stop mistakes happening- it is better to go with a good guide in the first place. 


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