Templates of Desert Tours 10 - Day Tour The Sand Sea Oases

Important Note: These tours are examples and for information purposes only. Broadly similar tours are available but individual operators will amend and tailor them to suit conditions and demand.

The remote and mostly uninhabited oases of the northern Sand Sea offer a unique and wonderful insight into the Western Desert in landscapes of rare and stunning beauty. It is only a half day’s drive to Bahariya Oasis, your gateway to the northern Sand Sea. From here, where you may enjoy bargaining with the locals over Bedouin handicrafts, you travel offroad to the largest of the uninhabited Oasis lakes- Sitra. Then it is on to Nuwamisa, and then Bahrein where there are ancient tombs cut into the hillside- some even with mummy wrappings and skeletal remains. North from Bahrein is the idyllic oasis of Arag, which is still used from
time to time by Bedouin herdsmen. There are more abandoned dwellings here and the chance of glimpsing the rare gazelle of the Egyptian desert. Next stop is Siwa, surrounded by salt water lakes it is place packed with ancient monuments together with a people both welcoming and helpful. If you get the chance to hear some Siwans making music- take that opportunity for they are truly gifted. From Siwa you plunge south into the Great Sand Sea, driving between the long lines of dunes that reach over three hundred and fifty meters high. Your destination is the old well of Ain Dalla, known since before Roman times and after that the majestic White Desert and the cosy oasis town of Farafra. 


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