Chongqing Symphony Orchestra for Valentine

February 14th at 8 pm Main Hall, Cairo Opera House
February 14 at 8 pm Main Hall, Cairo Opera House
Chongqing Symphony Orchestra (Chongqing Opera Theatre), which was established in 1953, is the oldest professional musical organization in Western China. It is an award-winning group, which was rewarded with “Wen Hua New Play” by Ministry of Culture, “Five-one Project” by Propaganda Department, “Golden Bell” of Chinese music and “Excellent Play” of the 10th Chinese Drama
Competition. It has been invited to “Olympic Performance Season” in China National Center for the Performing Arts, and China National Symphony Orchestra Performing Season. It is a productive
group with hundreds of classic operas. The Orchestra tours throughout China and abroad. It has been to the US, the UK, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Monaco, Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, the Philippines and Australia. It commissions to the belief that “art is unbounded”, the rule of “opening-up and developing” and the passion to make it with “Chongqing character, Chinese aroma, and international standards”. Bian Zushan (Conductor) is firmly established as one of China’s leading symphony conductors. His performances have been staged in many countries and areas, such as the US, the UK, Russia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Switzerland, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, and have been highly praised and received by both the audience and the media.
Liu Guangyu (Soloist) a Contemporary famous Erhu performer of China. Guangyu is currently the Director of Chongqing Symphony Orchestra and Chongqing Opera Theatre. He has held solo
concerts in many places, including Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, and Russia. Orchestra Music: Spring Festival Overture (depicting the scene when folks in Shanbei in northern China region were celebrating the Chinese New Year), Joy of the New Year (Folk music of Chinese style) , The Butterfly Lovers (love story of the Chinese Romeo and Juliet), The Sun Shines Cheerfully (The tune is simple but vivid, and with very local flavour), Spring Polka Dance (Romanian folk music), Cavalleri Riarustinacana (an opera in once act) Egyptian March, (composed by Johann Strauss) Banks of the Nile (Egyptian folk song) Vocal Music Make Way for the Factotum of the City, (from The Barber of Seville), I Love You China (a song made for the film Overseas Compatriots), Libiamo ne’lieti calici, (the most famous duet from Verdi’s La Traviata), My Love Who Travels Around the World (An Egyptian Folk Song). Erhu Music Red Plum Flower Capriccio (describes how the red plum tree braves cold and winter), Galloping War-Horses (is one of Chinese Erhu classics), Honghu Theme Caprice (combines the characteristics of cantilena and ballad), Czardas (a concerto and a rhapsody), Ant (this music, which was made with inspirations from a Chongqing nursery rhyme). Happy Gathering, (an Egyptian Folk Song), Jasmine (a Chinese Folk Song)


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