Qassem Amin’s Age Gomhouria Theatre

The Egyptian Modern Dance Theatre February 14-17 at 8 pm Alexandria Opera House “Sayed Darwish Theatre” February 23 8 pm The Egyptian Modern Dance Theatre Company brings to life the inspiring, and at times, controversial story of Qassem Amin. Mostly famous for being an advocate for women’s rights, Amin initiated the women’s right movement in Egypt and published numerous books in an attempt to liberate the minds of Egyptian women. Qassem Amin’s Age is not just the biography of the famous intellect, but also a recap of one of the most important periods of time that shaped the face of Egyptian society. It shows the effect of the Orabi revolution and Egyptian patriotism of that time. Witnessing this prime period
and having travelled to Europe, Amin becomes obsessed with the freedom and culture that he encounters there. Finally, equipped with his new ideas, he heads back to Egypt only to realize that his opinions are not as welcomed as he may have hoped.


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