Gabal El Mowta as seen from the village Temple of Oracle

Amellal. The place takes the concept of eco-tourism all the way; having no electricity on site, yet wrapping the whole place in a super classy and individualized luxury. Rooms come in different and distinctive shapes yet retain the local style, while the blocks of salt make up for translucent wall sections, benches and small pieces of furniture as well. One of the eco-lodge’s bars is actually made of salt blocks. For secluded pampering experience yet retaining the city comfort, Taziry is the place to be. Built right on the shoreline of Lake Siwa, Taziry perfectly blends in with the surrounding environment. Rooms come with individual furnishing and Berber-inspired style. There is a spring-fed pool and a variety of seating areas where you can enjoy a drink or contemplate the endless horizon. For less luxurious options yet singing the authentic Siwan tune, both Albabenshal and Siwa Lodge qualify for this category. The former is built as
part of Old Shali, while the latter offers an authentic accommodation facility, a two-minute walk from the bustling heart of Siwa’s souk.


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