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Contrary to accommodation, restaurants in Siwa are not that diverse or abundant. In matter of fact, you are more or less limited to your hotel’s restaurant. Kenooz at Shali Lodge is a lovely two level restaurant to have dinner; go upstairs for an open-air under-the-stars type of seating area or stay by the fireplace downstairs and enjoy a tasty meal on ground level. The food is raditional Siwan. Its sister restaurant at Albabenshal also offers some tasty traditional dishes, yet this time with a European twist. Go for a camel steak if you are in the caveman mood, or stick to couscous with vegetables if you are more of a vegetarian. In both cases, reserve a place for dessert and make sure its date crepe. Abdu is a very well known restaurant in the souk that is more iconic than anything else. The menu is eclectic with dishes from here and there while the quality is fairly acceptable. The key to this place is its location; by the side of the Souk, making it a good place to watch people going and coming, haggling buyers and sellers, and four-wheel drives stocking up for the next trip out in the desert.


Siwa makes up for an interesting shopping experience where you can buy various tokens and souvenirs; Most of the bazaar shops are concentrated around the souk area. Options vary from embroidery and rugs to clay pots and Siwan silver jewelry. Though some of the old stuff is on sale. We would encourage you to keep the heritage where it belongs and opt for the newly made ones. They follow the same style, and in many cases the identical designs, but has been manufactured recently. As agriculture is the main activity of Siwa, we recommend you buy their dates and olives. You should leave space in your shopping bag for their marmalade. The concept store next to Albabenshal have some unique food products on offer; date or pomegranate when it comes to syrup and sycamore or olives when it comes to marmalade. They are also known for their basket weaving, which is unique.

How to get there:

Currently the only transportation option to Siwa is the bus from either Cairo or Alexandria, which in both cases pass first by Marsa Matruh. The distance from Cairo is around 700 kms. You can also rent a car with one of the specialised companies for the desert excursions. As of summer of 2010,hompson will be operating a direct flight connecting Marsa `Matruh to both Manchester and London, bringin Siwa to a closer reach for international tourism.


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