Abu Gallum National Park

To the north of Dahab, Ras Abu Gallum is a protected National Park area, making it one of the areas of Sinai where visitors will be the most awestruck by the unspoiled beauty of the Egyptian coast. With no hotels,

shops, loud music or big crowds, this four-hundred square kilometre protected area is a place where one can imagine stepping back in time and being the first to discover the beauty of both the land and sea here. The Park is home to a Bedouin settlement, and is a wonderful site for diving and snorkelling, and can only be reached from Dahab as part of a camel safari. The best area for diving is at the northern end of the Bedouin village. Divers enter at a split in the reef and head out towards incredible coral formations teeming with marine life. Experienced divers can head out to the deeper reef wall, although some would say that the most fascinating sights are
to be found in the shallows.


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