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The unique diving experience offered here. The shoreline at Abu Gallum displays just how rich the marine life is here, with shells of a huge variety of molluscs washed onto the beach. These are just an indication of the diversity of sea-life here in the protected waters among the living coral. The area is suitable for many levels of diver, from snorkelling in the shallows to the awesome 90-metre coral wall, where Napoleon fish are just one of many species you will encounter.

Gebel Fuga is a large desert plateau surrounded by the desert mountains, reachable by safari from the Abu Gallum area or from resorts in Dahab. On a sloping hillside here lies one of the most interesting geological oddities to be seen in Sinai. This area has been named the Forest of Pillars, because it is covered with black lava-like columns of rock which appear to grow out of the mountain. The rocks range in size reaching to a metre or more in height, and many are crowded together as if they were supporting one another.
A perfect and unique exploration and photographic opportunity.


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