Talking of value, eating out in Egypt comes at superb prices – and with great variety. Whatever your taste in international food in your home country, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here too – Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indian – you name it and it’s here. Don’t miss the chance to try Egyptian food too – often gently spicy with brilliant use of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. Perhaps the best recommendation for a holiday in Red Sea and Sinai comes from holidaymakers themselves.

One thing’s for sure – one or two weeks won’t give you enough time to try everything you’ll find in the pages which follow. But look on the bright side – you can spend your time on the short plane trip home making a wish list for your next trip – and many more to come. Keep smiling – Egypt’s Red Sea and Sinai region always has a warm welcome for you.

Many people will tell you that, Egypt is a breath of fresh air , It has many guarantees – sunshine, a warm welcome, an infinite variety of ways to enjoy life – and supreme value.

Perhaps you are about to make your first trip to Red Sea and Sinai after hearing a glowing report from a friend. Or perhaps as a returning visitor you take great pleasure in passing on the good
news to friends yourself. We hope you find this guide really useful in making the very best of your time in one of the world’s great destinations.


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