the red sea coast

warm water moderate climate and a wide range of places to explore

The eastern Red Sea coast of Egypt is caressed by the warm waters of the Gulf of Suez, which leads to the Suez Canal, Egypt’s gateway to Europe. The area stretches from the Suez Canal and south along the Gulf of Suez coast, along 1500 km, where recent international tourist developments have sprung up around areas already popular with Egyptians. Warm waters, a moderate climate and a wide range of places to explore make this an ideal starting point for first time visitors to Egypt, particularly those who
would like to blend history and culture with fun and relaxation on the beach

Known as the premier destination for scuba diving enthusiasts for some years, the Red Sea area is fast becoming a haven for tourists looking for beach holidays, as well as vibrant and activity-rich holidays in guaranteed sunshine, and on some of the purest, most unspoilt beaches in the world.

Many former fishing villages and ports have been developed extensively and enthusiastically to create new paradises for tourists and this area is unique because of its proximity to the Eastern  Desert, which stretches almost all of the way to the coast. Transport links also exist to the major cities of Cairo and
Luxor, where ancient wonders await travellers who wish to take in as much of the Egyptian experience as they can.

Airports have been built along the Red Sea Riviera, allowing convenient and easy flights to and from the area to anywhere in the world, making this one of the world’s most exciting and fastest-growing destinations. Where some years ago only Egypt residents visited these resorts, the secret is now out, and tourists from all over the world are discovering what this lively and animated part of the world can offer.

The sheer variety of ways to spend time on the Red Sea coast is unparalleled anywhere. Diving and snorkelling among a rich and varied undersea world of sea life and breathtaking coral reefs are a must, and the resorts here have purpose-built dive centres, run by professionally qualified, knowledgeable and experienced diving instructors who are able to instruct absolute beginners, or further the training on intermediate divers.

Standards of safety and attention to care for the natural environment are paramount here, and visitors will be delighted to find so many unspoiled dive sites to explore.

The natural world provides dives suitable for all levels of diving proficiency, from sandy shallows for snorkellers, to deep coral walls and towering pillars for experienced scuba divers. There are wrecks to explore, and underwater photography produces terrific results with the water being so clear.

Sea life in this area is plentiful, and visitors here may find themselves diving and snorkelling among rare
and fascinating fish one day, and with playful dolphins the next. There are also turtles, tuna, groupers, clownfish, and many more wonderful creatures to find. On the beach and in the hotels, the Red

Sea Riviera offers every kind of seashore fun imaginable, with jetskiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, fishing and parasailing only a taste of what is waiting to be enjoyed.

The resorts here take guest comfort and service very seriously, and consistently offer great luxury and a range of services, from the sumptuous air conditioned rooms to the spas where guests can be pampered.

Within each resort is a variety of choices of accommodation, with three, four, five, and even six star luxury on offer, and each resort has its own unique appeal. Ismailia offers lakeside walks and historical attractions while, further south, El Gouna, a complete luxury complex where everything is there to fit anybody needs, Hurghada is the area’s most well-known established resort, bringing scuba enthusiasts from all over the world. Marsa Alam is unspoiled nature with rich possibilities for fun and leisure activities. Port Ghalib is a marina with shops, restaurants and cafes, where luxury yachts sail in and out along with the diving vessels. Others, like Safaga, have waters with therapeutic effects.Some resorts offer different emphases, sometimes on sailing or fishing, and sometimes on luxury and high class shopping, but always with the beaches and clear turquoise water leading to the coral reefs and wonders beyond.

Of course, no visit to Egypt would be complete without witnessing the splendor and awe-inspiring majesty of the Eastern Desert, with landscapes of sand, rocks, and oasis areas loomed over by the towering mountains, where tourists can visit ancient ruins, and meet nomadic Bedouin tribes and learn their traditions. In
keeping with the energetic and exciting 

feel of the region, it is possible to do all of this either in a four-wheel drive jeep, or take on the desert yourself aboard a quad bike.Many other desert excursions are easily accessible and can be arranged with

your hotel. Roman ruins from the days of the Roman Empire stand near examples of both earlier and later cultures, from the Pharaohs to 19th Century colonists, and there are many unexpected treasures
to be found by exploring the area. 

Many visitors to the area are realizing that it’s possible to get the best of both worlds – with very different holiday experiences on the same trip. Both sea and culture can be enjoyed by combining your time on the Red Sea Riviera with visits to key sites in the south of Egypt like Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel. Local flights are available, and road trips offer stunning scenery with, for example, Luxor only about 4.5 hours from Hurghada by car. Whether you are looking for a relaxing time on the beach, a non-stop activity holiday with endless choices, or something in between, The Red Sea Riviera coast is waiting for you, and it’s closer than you think.


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