Ismailia Ain Sukhna & Za’farana

Ismailia, the city of Gardens and Flowers

Ismailia, capital of the Suez Canal area, sits on the West bank of the Suez Canal. Only around 120km from Cairo, Ismailia, known as the City of Gardens and Flowers, grew around the construction of the Suez Canal. As a result, the city centre has a distinctive 19th Century colonial feel, with many British and French-style houses from that era.

Today, as well as its connection with the famous canal and its fascinating history, Ismailia is a popular tourist resort among Egyptians, particularly wealthy Cairo residents, many of whom have second homes here

The surreal sight of huge cargo vessels sailing along the canal is not to be missed, but Ismailia is a city of contrasts, with romantic walks along the Sweet Water Canal, 19th Century history at Suez Canal founder Ferdinand De Lesseps’ house, and the bustling Market Area, a perfect place to immerse yourself in real Egyptian life.


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