Majestic deserts

As well as being known for its amazing beaches along the coast, Egypt is also famous for its majestic deserts, and taking a trip inland from the Hurghada area can open up new possibilities for adventure
and new experiences. To the west, the inland desert mountains rise up to dominate the landscape, making for breathtaking sunsets, and an unparalleled opportunity to explore. Quad bike desert tours are among many activities you will find around Hurghada, and make a wonderful story to tell upon your return home. The Eastern Desert is a fascinating and vast landscape of sand, rocks, oases and mountains, and is the home of the Bedouin people. Operators arrange tours in which, after safety tests and orientation, they lead you on a mid afternoon ride over the desert sands to a Bedouin village, where you will learn about Bedouin life, heritage and traditions, before riding a camel in the desert, and then taking in the amazing sunset view with a barbecue dinner, entertained by traditional Bedouin music, before you ride back to your hotel under  the desert stars. These visits to Bedouin villages can also be taken in four-wheel-drive vehicles for those who would prefer someone else to do the driving.


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