Historical interest & EXCELLENT DIVING SITES

It is well-known that Egypt is a country full of historical interest, and just to the south of Hurghada is Mons Claudianus, an ancient Roman penal colony from the days when Egypt was within the Roman Empire, and where prisoners mined granite as a building material for the Roman Empire (tourists will be pleased to hear that they will not be expected to work in the quarries during their visit!) This stone was used in famous buildings such as the Pantheon and Temple of Venus in Rome, Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli, and also in the defending walls and defence towers around Mons Claudianus itself. Hot springs, which were used for underground heating systems in Roman times, still exist today along with ruined granite artifacts, and the Roman camp, dwellings, workshops and stables. The granite mine itself is still there, and is the largest and best-preserved Roman site in the Eastern Desert. You will also find Mons Porphyrites (about 40km from Hurgada). The Hurghada area is a real state-of-the-art resort with a huge range of leisure activities,
entertainment and spa facilities. It is also an ideal base from which to explore the nearby resorts at Safaga, El Gouna,Makadi Bay and Sahl Hasheesh, all of which offer beautiful beaches, excellent diving sites,and their own ranges of activities and sights. With Hurghada International airport so close by, it is even possible to fly out to Cairo and take in the famous ancient sights such as the Pyramids, or to Luxor with its many ancient temples. The high level of top quality investment in top class new facilities highlights the excellent nearby resorts of Sahl Hasheesh, Soma Bay and Makadi Bay. They have a multitude of fine facilities including golf, spa and wellness resorts. They are also becoming very popular locations for holiday homes.


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