Safaga, renowned for its unpolluted atmosphere, black sand dunes and mineral springs (Wellness & Spa)

53 kilometres south of Hurghada stands Safaga, an ancient marine port well-known for its unpolluted atmosphere, black sand dunes and mineral springs. The town has built a great reputation as a wellness and spa resort and visitors have a wide choice of very high quality facilities. A favourite watersports destination for windsurfers, kitesurfers and scuba divers, Safaga is a relaxed and laid-back destination more suited for those who love to take part in diving and other sports during the day, and prefer beach parties to large nightclubs by night.

It also makes a perfect base for sightseeing, with the desert to the west holding as many treasures on dry land as the Red Sea holds beneath its surface to the east. Safaga itself is a sizeable Egyptian town which built up around its port, built because of Safaga’s proximity to the ancient gateway through the Red Sea Hills to the Nile, used as far back as during the time of the Roman Empire. Having retained much of its local colour and feel, visitors will find local shops and markets selling souvenirs as well as more traditional goods such as spices, local food and crafts.

In and around Safaga there are a number of resorts, offering essential Red Sea activities such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, snorkelling, swimming, sunbathing, and of course scuba diving. Clear waters and beautiful sandy beaches meet at the shoreline to make Safaga a perfect spot for a relaxed holiday off the beaten track, but with the facilities and activities one would expect of a much larger and busier resort.


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