More adventures to be enjoyed AL QUSEIR 21

Away from the sea, and to the west of the city, more adventures are waiting to be enjoyed. Desert safaris, either by four-wheel drive jeep or riding a quad bike, take guests out into the desert across vast expanses of sand, and past rocks and oases, towards the mountains until they reach a Bedouin village. These nomadic people offer a warm welcome to visitors, who will get to ride a desert camel and enjoy Bedouin hospitality and entertainment before heading back across the desert to the city and its beautiful resorts and beaches.
Further afield, those wishing to take in as much of Egypt as possible can easily reach Luxor and even Cairo, both well-known throughout the world as centres of ancient history. A little nearer to Al Quseir are more Roman and ancient Egyptian remains waiting to be discovered. With the opportunity to see deserts, mountains, beaches and the full glory of the undersea world in a single day, it is as apparent as the clear waters of the Red Sea that Al Quseir is quite simply one of the most exquisite destinations one could ever visit. 


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