A strong architectural influence

Another major influence on the look of the city is the Ottoman era, and the Ottoman fortress of Sultan Selim, ruler of Egypt during the 16th century. The fortress was a military stronghold to protect the port from invaders and to keep pilgrims to Mecca, many of whom set off from Al Quseir, safe from harm. It is for this
reason that many buildings in the town have a strong architectural Islamic influence. The recently restored fort has an interesting Visitors’ Centre with displays of local history, archaeology and culture. Following the Ottomans, Napoleon and later the British Empire occupied the port, which now has varied architecture from both of these influences, with many British and French style 19th Century buildings juxtaposed with the Islamicinfluenced buildings and the ancient structures from Roman times and beyond. The local government is keen to preserve these historic buildings, as well as the area’s natural environment, to keep Al Quseir as beautiful for the future as it is today.

This is truly an area of amazing history, and it is remarkable how well the remains of past cultures have stood through so much time and a changing world. All of this exists alongside modern Al Quseir, which has narrow streets perfectly suited for the colourful bazaars, as well as cafes and restaurants serving delicious seafood, and of course glorious beach areas which have more recently become home to luxurious hotel resorts.

Despite being so rich and varied, the area’s history is only one of the reasons to visit the wonderful city of Al Quseir. Today, scuba diving is a huge attraction here. The city’s coastal hotels, including the Movenpick, the Flamenco Beach Resort and the Utopia Beach Club, the Mangrove Bay Resort and the Fanadir, all have their own diving centres, where both beginners and more experienced divers can enjoy sandy slopes and beautiful coral reefs beneath the turquoise waters. Preserved environment Al Quseir is a beautiful place, with both the natural and man-made environments vital to its atmosphere and appeal. For this reason, the local government takes the preservation of the area seriously, to the extent where the hotel resort staff receives special training on thinking environmentally. It is perhaps for this reason that the city and its beaches have remained so beautiful. Diving parties are limited in size to preserve the reefs, so you will find your underwater experience to be tranquil and peaceful, and of course you will be able to experience a sub aquatic world kept undamaged with responsible use. Impressive marine life The coral reefs at Al Quseir are extremely diverse with scattered pinnacles, tunnels, chimneys, outcrops and caves waiting to be explored, and the sheer variety of coral growth is astonishing. The marine life is just as impressive, with Napoleon wrasse, moray eels, lionfish, goatfish, rock cod, trumpetfish and groupers inhabiting the reef areas, and gobies, shrimp and squid on the sand and shallow waters. Further variety can be found on the outer reaches, including tuna, fusiliers, mackerels, jacks and snappers. It’s clear that this is one of the best diving locations in the Red Sea, if not the world.


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