Expeditions from 10-21 days exploring the deep desert areas

Explori ng betwee n Bahariya , Siwa and the Great Sand Sea

Bahariya road The ‘road’ from Bahariya to Siwa takes you past a sequence of large oasis lakes, most of which are salty and without fish. Most of the oases were inhabited in the past, and even not so long ago were the summer quarters of some Bedouin people and their animals


Arag is the nearest oasis to Siwa and on the opposite side of the road from Bahrein. You cannot see it from the road, it is beyond the first ridge of what becomes the Qattara depression- scene of that
Great War movie Ice Cold in Alex. Arag has also got rock cut tombs which are always worth a peak.

The Great Sand Sea

South of Siwa you soon enter the Great Sand Sea. This is the world’s largest sand sea with dunes up to 400meters high. 


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