Kharga is the largest of the Oases, the administrative centre of the New Valley Governorate. It is also the nearest to the Nile Valley, being only two hours from Luxor. It has a large population of over
70,000 people and plenty of new buildings in the centre. As you arrive the tang of dates assaults your nose and the sight of row upon row of date palms. Though busy and modern, in parts, Kharga still retains the romance of the desert. Pottery is one of the crafts celebrated in Kharga. In the main town of Qasr there are numerous shops selling ceramic products as well as a pottery factory you can take a tour round. You can also get some good bargains
at Kharga’s lively bazaar or souk which is located in the southern part of Qasr town in the buzzing Midan Showla.In Roman times Kharga was a powerful centre of activity. There are many remains along with those of more ancient times. Since the camel’s introduction around 500BC, Kharga has been the final
post on the Forty Days Road from Sudan- along which all the trade of East Africa used to come. Even today great caravans of camels come along this route- but they are mainly destined to be eaten
once they have arrived at Cairo. 


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