Bedouin, camels and cars

Bedouin look after their camels and their cars very well. In African countries one is used to cars being in a poor state- not the land cruisers driven by Bedouin. Because they need to be ultra-reliable for desert use the Bedouin keep them in better condition than most Europeans keep their cars. This is a carryover from the care of camels. When you travel with Bedouin don’t expect a cup of coffee or tea when you stop. First they will unload the camels and then they will make them comfortable and feed them.

Only then will they make camp and food for themselves and anyone traveling with them. Likewise in cars if you have had a puncture during the day the Bedouin will fix the tyre before fixing food for anyone. Their quiet ability to keep working and working hard is a sometimes surprising contrast to European notions of
a happy go lucky people. 


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